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Traveling is amongst the great treats of lifestyle, for me which includes no dialogue, is the best approach to know the planet, culture along with other human beings, there isn’t any discussion that there are as many approaches to travel since people and none is superior to that the some other, there are people who enjoy buying trips, in the middle of luxuries along with comforts, or perhaps business trips with tight daily activities that allow just to know buildings and office buildings, all are valid and leave a thing valuable in those that realize these and enjoy.

In my case I love to travel with the minimum willing to find everything I need, which is not much, in every place I visit and in this adventure I have found someone who seems to enjoy it as much as I do and who also has the courtesy to tell us about their trips, experiences, learning and the odd trick, it is Travel Blog (Blog Voyage) an adventurer who shows his hobbies and his travels from a natural and simple without great ornament but real and human.

Among the items to the blog site stand out those who work in which he demonstrates his encounter through his very own eyes and also feelings from the moment, even without photographs along with despite that his stories take us and earn us picture in excellent detail web sites he appointments, not always It is like that, sometimes it displays us stunning photographs regarding incredible locations and through its description I would likely dare to convey that it takes us to those places and experiences.

Read whatever you have planned and seasoned for the World Tour (Tour du monde) in which plans, ignites the excitement and desire to go along with them, whether we want to copy their activities in their own tissue or simply seek to follow along with know through from their eyes what he existence and sees the best way to undertake it is to discuss the Cheap take a trip (Voyage marche cher) he undertakes every so often.